Morvia: A Pathfinder RPG Campaign World

Welcome to the Morvia Campaign world. The information on this site is primarily intended for the vast amount of information I have accumulated on the world of Morvia. Started way back in 1987 with a simple hand drawn map on a piece of standard graph paper, the world that would become the world of Morvia was a very defined and limited view on a much larger world. In it’s infancy Morvia didn’t have a name. It started with the small city of Seaside which hugged the east coast of The Territories. That was it. I knew that there were some forests and mountains, and a large river, but that was pretty much the end of it. So as it could be imagined, Morvia was being played under the 1st edition of D&D. It’s scope was limited but on the small piece of paper started the adventures of the first players in Morvia. Characters like Krill Morteau, Blackjack, Questor Thews, Garet Jax and the barbarian Bonecrusher, they were the pioneers in the world of Morvia.

As the years drew on, Morvia was expanded. More maps, cities locations and adventures. Eresbor was primarily mapped out as was the Guard Coast with its mysterious 300 foot statues that look out over the Sea of Winds. Etoillion, the jeweled city of Eresbor and the throne of the king was established, along with cities like Myt-Port, Vyrdun, and Bordelaux. 2nd Edition D&D was upon us and the world of Morvia was adapted. Characters like Barardier the Odd and Glastrix of Matignon were the heroes of the day, battling against Lord Kristeirnan of the Legion of Valara. They expanded on the legacy left by the heroes of old.

Then for a long time, Morvia was forgotten. Lost to the demands of real life and relegated to a set of binders on a shelf, but certainly not forgotten. In 1997 the binders were brought down from the shelves, maps re-drawn and updated and new areas explored. Warhammer FRP became the ruleset that drove the mechanics of the game. The setting was the Divided Kingdoms. A new land that became home to new heroes. Here Prince Javarre and Thorgrim of Callsway set out on a road of adventure that was stretched out before them.

However as time marched on so did the demand of a new ruleset for D&D. Morvia soon became the home of 3rd edition and of course 3.5. During this period, the greatest bulk of adventurers were created. Names such as Ragineau of Chevalier, Tebryn of the Underruin, Rinzari of Solblom, Arleth the Rogue, Rogan Edgewood, Eam, Tebryn, Jodgri, Andahar, Monachre, Duke Eltanin, Nicodemeous Magnus, Rielle, Sanguinious, Elordeor, Renya Breslauv, and on and on it goes. Since 1997 Morvia has been played steadily. In total to date, 47 player characters have roamed the lands of Morvia, backed by a cast of over 1500 NPCs. It truly has taken on as life of its own and shows no signs of stopping.

Morvia has been built by those who played in it. Developed slowly over time, now it is starting all over again. A new cast of adventurers and heroes have been gathered and a new ruleset has been brought in: Pathrfinder RPG. Sparrowhawk, Ibrahim, Adaphon and Hassif have entered the halls of legend in Morvia, struggling to fight evil. They have become the 5th generation of heroes in Morvia and they will continue the legacy that was started over twenty years ago, with a single sheet of paper and a desire to share a story with others.

This is the legacy of Morvia.



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