The Elder Gods

Beyond the human pantheon there are those deities who existed before. The Elves, Dwarves, and Gnomes were the first to inhabit Morvia before the reign of men. As such, the mythical origins of Morvia is deeply seeded in the origins of these three honoured races.

Dwarven Pantheon

Ethelbrin (The Stone Father, Creator of the Dwarves, The Delver)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Domains: Earth, Glory, Rune, Strength
Ethelbrin is seen as the father of dwarves and is central to their creation myths. Ethelbrin is seen as a strong, long bearded dwarf shaped out of stone and gold. In his left hand is the axe symbolizing Glory while in his right the hammer symbolizing strength.
Worshipping clans: Ethelrune, Isgard, Bregthor

Sharlindra (The Lady Paladin, Shield Maiden of the Dwarves)
Alignment: Lawful Good
Domains: Glory, Good, Law, Protection, War
Sharlindra came to Gedrelle, the first Azhrei. She was an unknown goddess to her people and as such brought them from a time of darkness into a period of peace and power. She is depicted as an armored dwarfen female paladin bearing the Axe of the Azhrei.
Worshipping clans: Khalid-Zur, Killian, Klanarch, Ruathain, Sigmhal

Giltneir (Lord of Treasure, The Gilded Idol, The Argent Hand)
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Domains: Luck, Rune, Trickery
Giltneir lords over all that is gold and silver. Greed is his driving thirst and the riches within the mountains are his drink of choice. Giltneir is venerated by those who see riches and wealth as a means to salvation.
Worshipping clans: Silvervein, Uthrain, Krakzen

Ulthanak (God of the Forge, The Blackhammer, The Red Iron)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Domains: Artifice, Earth, Fire, Strength
The Blackhammer is the lord of the forge. His realm is within the Sisters where the Great Forge is located. It’s molten fires have been responsible for building virtually everything that the dwarves have fashioned from iron and steel. All weapons and armor are blessed by his priests once created. Ulthanak is depicted as a large black obsidian dwarf, bare chested with a large hammer in one hand and a blacksmiths tongs in the other.
Worshipping clans: All clans however clan Malduin, the master-smiths claim their Einar as Ulthanak’s chosen disciple.

Veles (The Tunnelling Goddess, Patron Lady of Miners)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Domains: Darkness, Earth, Good, Travel
Those who continue to tunnel and mine throughout the holdings of the dwarfen mountains seek the favour of Veles. She oversees the mines and ensures that they are safe from collapse and aids in the miners finding rich veins of gold and silver as well as mithril. She is depicted as a female dwarf dressed in a miners trappings bearing an iron pick.
Worshipping clans: All, however clan Laris’s Einar is the chosen cleric of Veles.

Vendrad (Personification of Violent Death, Lasher of Souls)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil,
For every pantheon there are those who personify violence, evil and death. The dwarves are no different and it is in Vendrad that these things are realized. Vendrad does not seek the death of dwarves specifically, but of all life, no matter where it is found. Vendrad and his influences are feared by all however, there are whispers that secretive members of his church have a hand in dwarfen fortunes. Vendrad is depicted as a tall emaciated dwarf. His beard is made of blood issuing from his mouth filled with rows of sharp teeth. In his hands he clutches a spiked mace which is awash in the pulpy flesh of his victims.
Worshipping clans: None. At least none that will admit to his worship.

Bannick (The Brewmaster, The Keg Lord, Master of the Golden Brew)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Domains: Charm, Community, Healing, Liberation
As much as the clan is everything to a dwarf, so too is the great dwarven ales and lagers created by their brewmasters. Presiding over this golden treasure is the patron lord of the dwarfen brew known as Owran. The god also represents revelry, celebration and healing. The Einar is also the High Brewmaster belonging to clan Uthrain who are the most revered brewmasters throughout the dwarfen realms.
Worshipping clans: Uthrain, all other clans to some degree.

Elven Pantheon

Beruthiel (Bur-ew-thee-elle) Creator of the Elves, Lord of the Eldar
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Domains: Community, Creation*, Glory, Good.
Notes: Beruthiel is one of the Elder Gods and is the creator of the Elves. Beruthiel is worshipped by both Eldar and Elves equally.

Melanethnin (Mel-a-neth-neen) Goddess of Magic, The Arcane Mother.
Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Protection, Rune.
Notes: Melanethnin is the venerated by those who utilize magic and the arcane arts. Worshipped by Elves, Melanethnin represents all magic found in the world. She remains a neutral force, ever balanced in her response to those who pray to her.

Dierdriar (Deer-dree-are) Elven God of Nature and Wild Things
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Domains: Animal, Liberation, Plant, Strength
Notes: Considered to be the patron lord of the forests and woodland realms of the elves. Nature is Dierdriar’s domain and he rules over all things wild. Dierdriar is believed to be the son of Beruthiel and Melanethnin.

Gorshebah (Gore-she-ba) Lady of the Seasons.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Domains: Chaos, Earth, Plant, Weather
Notes: Gorshebah is the lady of the changing seasons. She is master over the green freshness of spring, the hot wildness of Summer, the coloured coolness of autumn and the frozen clutch of winter. She drives the growth of plants and the cycle of the seasons.

The Elder Gods

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