Half-orcs are the result of the union between humans and orcs. As horrid a thought as that may be, especially to most people, it is more common than widely believed. Whether this union is the product of any true emotional connection between the parents, or if it stems from more unsavory means is normally kept in hushed tones or hidden as a dark and forbidden family secret. Whatever the reason for the creation of such a hybrid, the half-orc’s life is nearly always one of non-acceptance, torment, abandonment, and in some cases, death.


Although half-orcs carry the genes of both orcs and humans, it’s normally the orc half that gives them away. Standing between 6 to 7 feet tall with brutish features, sloping foreheads, and advanced canine growth, half-orcs bare more resemblance as an orc than as a human. Their bodies are heavily muscled and their limbs are thick and powerful. To humans, they are nearly indistinguishable from orcs and as such their distrust and animosity is the same. Their eyes range from reddish to yellow and they sport slightly pointed ears.


Half-orcs do not form a culture of their own, normally adopting those of their parent(s). In situations where the father is an orc, the child is left to be brought up by it’s mother as the brutish orc never returns. As such the half-orc would take on a more human view point. In the case where the mother is an orc, the off-spring is normally driven from the orc tribe. Seen as a horrific human abomination, half-orcs are abandoned if not killed outright. As a result these half-orcs rarely survive on their own. Half-orcs are typically found in the nations that border with known orc territories such as The Territories, Nabatae, and The Telesean States.


Most half-orcs carry a lifetime of persecution and are swift to anger if even a perceived slight is detected. However, there have been half-orcs who are nearly the picture of civility and grace, attaining impressive levels in society. Ultimately, half-orcs continuously struggle to maintain the beast within, trying to attain a foothold in this world.


Morvia Edgewood