Calendars and Time

The known calendar in Morvia has been adopted by nearly all nations of men including Eresbor, The Territories, The Divided Kingdoms, VeBrance, and The Telesean States. Only Nabatea maintains its own calendar separate from the rest of Morvia. Also, the Elder Races each have their own form of timekeeping which is discussed below.

A Morvian year is 360 days long. It is divided into four seasons, each that are 90 days in length. As is standard, the four seasons are similar to that here on Earth. They are: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. A typical week is ten days long with a holy day on the 5th and 10th day of the week. On these holy days, the Church of Morvia holds it’s major services to venerate the gods, perform marriages and other religious ceremonies.

Reckoning of Men (RM)
Devised as the standard measure of a year in Morvia, the Reckoning of Men (also referred to as RM) was established when the nation of Eresbor crowned it’s first king, King Rouen I. By national decree, it was announced that the Reckoning of Men would establish that royal event as the marking of year one (1) RM. The current year in Morvia is 717 RM

Elven Ages
The Eldar, being one of the Elder Races have been established as a culture long before the nations of men were even thought of. As such they continue to maintain their own calendar. There have been 4 Ages of the Eldar with the 4th nearing it’s end. Each age had been ushered in with a world changing event. The first Age of the Eldar ended with the first encounter with the Dwarves, leading into it’s second age and the commencement of the [[Dwarf/Elf Wars]]. The Third age began with the end of these wars and the peace that followed. The fourth age, commenced with the rise of the nations of men and coincided with year 1 RM. The Eldar, however believe that the current age is nearing it’s end and that the 5th age will soon commence. What is not known, is what great event will transpire to mark the change.

Calendars and Time

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